Splitting Up The Queen Car

I have decided to discuss the possibility of breaking up the 501 Queen streetcar line.  At the moment, the 501 Queen car is one of the longest routes in the world, operating for some 25 kilometres from Long Branch Loop near the border between Mississauga and Toronto, and Neville Park in the east end.

Service along the 501 Queen car is consistently delayed due to the length of its route.  A delay in the westend, due to an accident for example, would cause streetcars to be delayed along its entire route, and thanks to traffic (especially during the day) there is little chance for the car to make up any time.  While every second westbound car is scheduled to run past Humber Loop out to Long Branch, this does not always occur due to the delays.

My suggestion is to break the 501 Queen car into three routes:

1)  A restored 507 Long Branch car in the west end.  This car would depart Long Branch Loop heading east through Humber Loop to Roncesvalles Ave.  The car would then turn north onto Roncesvalles and head straight up to Dundas West station.

2)  The 501 Queen car would operate between Humber Loop in the west, and Church Street downtown.  When an eastbound car reaches Church Street, a streetcar would turn south onto Church, and then turn west onto Richmond Street.  The car would travel west one block to Victoria Street where it would turn right (north) and then left (west) onto Queen Street and then continue west to Humber Loop.

3)  A new streetcar route, which I am going to call the 514 Neville would then be required.  It would operate from McCaul loop east along Queen Street to Neville Park Loop.  This car could be short turned at Russell Carhouse or Woodbine Loop if necessary.

The main advantage to this breakdown is that an accident or delay in one area will not affect service along the rest of the current route.  Also, there would still be some overlapping between the three routes (along the Queensway between Humber Loop and Roncesvalles for the 501 and 507, and between McCaul Street and Church Street for the 501 and 514.)  Of course, all three routes would connnect with the 504 King car and connect with the subway.

The 507 car could provide a short turn options eastbound at Humber Loop (in order to head west again) and at Kipling Loop (for westbound cars, in order to head east again.)  Plus, the 504 King car deals with congestion downtown, so a restored 507 car operating to Dundas West station could allow some 504 King cars to be scheduled to short turn at Sunnyside Loop (westbound King cars would turn west onto the Queensway and into Sunnyside Loop.)

A good deal of passengers along the Lake Shore in Etobicoke use the 501 Queen car for local passage.  A restored 507 Long Branch car could achieve this.  Also, residents of the Beaches in the eastend would also not suffer from bad service due to short turns.

Whether or not the TTC will ever split up the 501 Queen car is unknown, or how they would.  However, I am making a public challenge to the TTC to actually step up and split up the 501 Queen car.


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I am a transit enthusiast.
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