Downtown Relief Line

There has been talk recently of a Downtown Relief Line (D.R.L.) for Toronto.  I think this would personally be a good idea for the city, especially as a relief for the busy and crowded Bloor-Yonge Station.

The D.R.L. would be built as a subway, and travel from the Danforth south and then west into the downtown core, most likely along King or Queen.  It could continue west and then north to a station on Bloor st. in the west end of the city.  The idea is that the D.R.L. would allow people heading downtown from the east or west to transfer at a station other then St. George or Bloor-Yonge.  Bloor-Yonge is especially crowded, so the D.R.L. would hopefully take a lot of pressure off the station.

My recommendation would be for the D.R.L. to run as follows:

The line would start off in the west end at Dundas West station, making a connection with the Bloor-Danforth line, two streetcar lines, and three bus routes.  The line would continue southeast to Queen Street where it would turn east.  The line would connect with the Yonge-University-Spadian (Y.U.S.) line at Osgoode (on University Ave.) and Queen Station (on Yonge Street.)  It would also serve the Eaton Centre and Bay Street.  Continuing east past Yonge Street, the line would eventually turn north and connect with the Bloor-Danforth Line at Pape Station.  The connection at Pape would also connect with three bus lines.

Both Dundas West and Pape would allow for future continuation of the line north to connect with future L.R.T. lines, and the Sheppard subway line.  This would also provide some relief to the Y.U.S., especially the Yonge portion.

The D.R.L. would also provide some relief for the 501 Queen car as it would allow people to have a quick trip through the downtown core along Queen Street rather than having to relay on the Queen car.

So, is the D.R.L. a good idea?  Is it necessary?  Yes to both questions.  It is overdue and needs to be started.  Unfortunately, I doubt anything will be done in the near future which is shame.


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4 Responses to Downtown Relief Line

  1. Sadly due to Toronto politics it wont be for another few years before any serious considerations are made. However its still fun to follow its development. The route through Queen is the most ideal one, perhaps terminating closer to Main St. or WoodBine though for more coverage…dollar depending of course.

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