Paying for TTC Improvements

Last week, the City of Toronto decided against agreeing with any of the funding formulas suggested by Metrolinx.  It has even suggested that the Mayor be appointed to the Board of Metrolinx.  None of this seems to help the situation for improving the TTC.

The City needs to accept that something has to change to how transit is funded so that the TTC can be improved and expanded.  It is just too bad that the City has decided that no funding solutions is better than having better transit.  Of course with the “war on the car” being over since Mr. Ford became Mayor, ideas like paid parking at transit locations and highway tolls are out the window.  Of course there is already paid parking in areas of Toronto, yet Metrolinx’s $1 per space idea for the GTA would generate $1.4 billion, and highway tolls could do the same according to Metrolinx.  Of course, this all makes sense, so perhaps that is also the issue.

The City also asked for subways, right after refusing to recommend any of funding options required to pay the capital costs to do.  Personally, I wonder what the City was thinking at the time.

Only time will tell how Metrolinx will react, however any decision they make will be without the consent or support of the City Council. I hope the hard decisions on how to fund transit will be made, and transit in the GTA will be improved.  That way we will have a great transit system.


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I am a transit enthusiast.
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