T.T.C.’s Heritage Streetcars

The Toronto Transit Commission (T.T.C.) has three vintage streetcars still on its roster.  These are Peter Witt #2766, and Presidents’ Conference Committee (P.C.C.) cars #4500 and #4549.  These cars are rarely used today, especially #2766.  #2766 sees operation during the Easter Parade in the Beaches, but is almost never used other then this one day due to its age and the lack of dynamic brakes.

The T.T.C. had 575 Peter Witt streetcars, which they operated from 1921 to 1965.  Of these 350 had motors in them, and the remaining 225 were trailers.

The T.T.C. started purchasing P.C.C. streetcars in 1938.  At its height through the acquisition of both new and secondhand cars, the T.T.C. had 745 P.C.C. streetcars (520 new, 225 secondhand.)  Many could be used as multiple unit (M.U.) sets thus allowing for one driver, but two car loads of passengers.

By 1995, through the downsizing of the T.T.C. streetcar system and the introduction of the C.L.R.V. and A.L.R.V. streetcars, the T.T.C. sold off all but two P.C.C. cars.

The T.T.C. would sometimes use their P.C.C. cars on the 509 Harbourfront line, and from 2009-2011 dedicated one of the cars to operate on the 509 Harbourfront on Sundays from May to September.  The T.T.C. even purchased special signs to replace the rollsigns for the cars.

Once the new Legacy streetcars enter service starting in 2014, the days of the vintage cars could be numbered, especially as the streetcar system is changed over to allow the new streetcars to operate with a pantograph.

Here are some pictures of these vintage cars:


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