GO Transit Plans Increase to Fares in 2014

GO Transit train west of Union Station.

GO Transit train west of Union Station.

GO Transit is planning to increase its fares on February 1st, 2014.  The increase is between 35¢ and 65¢ per trip depending on the length of the trip.

PRESTO card users will see their fares increase, but at a lower rate.  The increase is approximately 6%, although the increase is only 4.8% for PRESTO card users.  The increase in fares should net GO approximately $21 million dollars next year.

GO Transit fare will increase as follows:

  • For trips between $4.85 and $6.15 will see a 35¢ increase.
  • For trips currently paying between $6.16 and $7.80 will see a 45¢ increase.
  • For trips over $7.80, a 55¢ increase will be incurred.

The 35¢ increase should affect passengers at 35 stations, while the 45¢ increase will effect people at 17 stations, and the 55¢ affects the 17 outermost stations.

GO Transit is looking at integrating its fares with the TTC and York Region when the Spadina subway extension opens in 2016.

GO Transit is promising better service thanks to this increase, and an increase in provincial funding.  Examples cited by GO Transit include:

  • More 12 car trains, thus increasing capacity on many routes.
  • More buses on their busiest routes.
  • More trains on at least some of their lines.

At the Metrolinx meeting (Metrolinx operates GO Transit), an option to start charging for parking.  GO currently offers reserved parking at many stations for $80 per month, $480 semi-annually, or $960 annually.  Unreserved parking spaces are currently free, and GO is planning to keep them free.  Metrolinx claims that 75% of GO train users drive to their station, so charging everyone who parks at a station may discourage some passengers.  However, at some stations, the number of reserved spots has increased based on demand.


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