GO Transit Fares Increasing February 1st 2014

English: Logo for GO Transit

English: Logo for GO Transit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just as a reminder to everyone, GO Transit‘s fares are increasing by 35¢ to 65¢ effective February 1st, 2o14.

The increases will depend on distance, so those taking longer distance trips will pay 65¢ more per trip.

GO Transit has indicated that PRESTO card users will see their increases at a lower rate as the discount rate for using a PRESTO card will be increased.

The increase in fares will help GO Transit cover their operating costs, which includes 30 minute service along the Lakeshore line, and more 12 car consists.

The 35¢ increase should affect passengers at 35 stations, while the 45¢ increase will effect people at 17 stations, and the 55¢ affects the 17 outermost stations.  This is based on Union Station being the centre point, which is where most GO trips originate or finish.

For more information about this change, please visit GO Transit’s website, or my previous post: GO Transit Plans Increase to Fares in 2014.

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