TTC Fare Increase Takes Effect

Toronto Transit Commission subway car

T.T.C subway car (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Starting today, March 1st, 2015, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) increases many of its fares.

As of today, the cost of tokens increases to $2.80, as does the PRESTO fare.  The cost of the monthly Metropass increases to $141.50.  The Metropass Discount Plan increases to $129.75, while the weekly pass increases to $40.75.  The day pass increases to $11.50.  Cash fares for adults remain $3.00

Senior and student fares are now $2.00 cash,  while senior/student tickets are now available for $9.75 (five tickets), and $19.50 (10 tickets.)  The senior/student monthly Metropass is now $112.00, while the senior/student Metropass Discount Plan increases to $102.75.  The senior/student weekly pass is now $33.00.

The good news is that children 12 and under no longer have to pay a fare and can ride free.

According to PRESTO’s website, seniors can now use PRESTO for $1.85 a ride.  This appears to be a new option that was not previously possible.


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