Platform Changes at Union Station

English: Union Station, Toronto

Union Station, Toronto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GO Transit has announced that they are changing the platforms they will be running trains from at Union Station during both the morning and evening rush hours.

The changes are as follows:

Lakeshore East Line:  Tracks 25 and 26

Lakeshore West Line:  Tracks 5 and 6 or 7 and 8

With the Lakeshore trains, due to the number of departures on these two lines, some train will not depart on the tracks mentioned above.

Barrie Line: Tracks 11 and 12

Kitchener Line:  Tracks 9 and 10

Milton Line:  Track 4

Richmond Hill Line:  Track 13

Stouffville Line:  Track 27

For the Barrie, Kitchener, Milton, Richmond Hill, and Stouffville lines, the above tracks are scheduled to apply to all departures.

GO Transit has provided a list of the new platforms, and especially for the Lakeshore lines, please double check your departure here: GO Transit Platform Changes.

However, the best option is always to check the departure boards at Union Station prior to heading up to a platform for your train.  It is always possible, due to availability of consists, the continuing work at Union Station, or other issues, that your train may depart from another platform.


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