Union Station’s Bay Concourse Closes

English: Union Station, Toronto

Union Station, Toronto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As of today, August 16th, 2015, GO Transit is closing its Bay Concourse at Toronto’s Union Station.  This is to allow for GO Transit and the City of Toronto to work on renovating this portion of Union Station.

Work is scheduled to take two years, however based on how the station is coming along overall, it may take longer.

During construction, passengers will be able to access the platforms either through VIA’s concourse, or through GO Transit’s new York Concourse on the west end of the lower area of Union Station.  Both the York and Bay Teamways, which both are equipped with PRESTO machines, will remain open during the construction period.

For access to platforms, the following options will be available:

VIA Concourse:  Platforms #4, #5, #8, #9, #12-#27.

York Concourse:  All platforms, except #3.

York East & West Teamways:  All platforms, except #3.

Bay East & West Teamways:  All platforms, except #3.

Access to the subway and PATH system will remain.

Let’s hope everything goes as planned and we can look forward to a new Bay Concourse in 2017!


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