Union-Pearson Express Averaging 2,500 Customers Per Day

Metrolinx, the Ontario Government agency which operates the Union-Pearson Express (UPX), has announced that the UPX is carrying 2,500 passengers per day on average.  This is down from an average of 3,250 passengers per day when the service began.

Metrolinx has stated that it plans to average 5,000 passengers per day by the end of UPX’s first year of service.

The current one way cost for the UPX is $27.00 between Union Station and Pearson Airport.  The cost is reduced to $19.00 if a passenger uses a PRESTO card.  However, there have been calls for a reduced fare for users, especially for those travelling between Union Station and the intermediate stops at Bloor St. and Weston.

Only time will tell if the average ridership increases on its own, or if Metrolinx will be forced to reduced fares in order to increase ridership.


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