20 Years Since End of PCC Service

PCC 4500 002Today, December 8th, 2015, marks the 20th Anniversary of the last day of service for the Toronto Transit Commission’s (TTC) fleet of Presidents Conference Committee (PCC) streetcars.

The PCC cars first saw service on the TTC in 1938.  The PCCs had 46 seats with room for 103 passengers under normal situations, but up to 134 maximum.  The TTC would have 745 PCCs at the height of its service in Toronto, of which  520 were purchased new, with another 225 streetcars purchased secondhand from other cities.

On November 23rd, 1995 the TTC Board decided to end PCC service, partly due to the costs of keeping two types of streetcars, plus the fact that the Canadian Light Rail Vehicles (CLRV) and Articulated Light Rail Vehicles (ALRV) cars were sufficient to handle the requirements for service levels.

Two PCC streetcars (numbers #4500 and #4549), however, would be retained by the TTC for charters, and for a few years in the 21st Century for special service along the Harbourfront line.  Also, the grinding train, consisting of W30 and W31, was retained for a number of years before heading to the Halton County Radial Railway Museum.

Several PCC streetcars remain in use with museums.

Here are a few pictures of the PCC:


PCC #4500 at Exhibition Loop

PCC #4500 at Exhibition Loop

PCC #4500 arrives at Humber Loop

PCC #4500 arrives at Humber Loop

PCC s#4549 at Long Branch Loop

PCC s#4549 at Long Branch Loop

Here is a short video about the last day of PCC service in Toronto, from Youtube:


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