The Unofficial Return of the 507 Long Branch Car

ALRV #4228The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has announced a temporary return of the 507 Long Branch car, at least in practice, if not in reality.

After more than 20 years, southern Etobicoke gets its own streetcar again.

The TTC has announced that starting January 3rd, 2016, it is splitting the 501 into two portions, which will operate as follows:

  1.  Long Branch to Humber Loop.
  2. Humber Loop to Neville Park.

The TTC will operate ALRV vehicles from Humber Loop east to Neville Park, and CLRV west of Humber Loop.  There will be 10 minute service along the Lake Shore, and the TTC is operating three streetcars during the morning rush hour between Long Branch Loop and Broadview Ave.  In addition, late evening service, and the 301 Queen (the overnight version of the 501) will be interlined.

I have yet to hear how long this split will occur, but it should help make the route better, and much easier to manage.  If successful, hopefully the TTC will retain the split service.


About Toronto Streetcars

I am a transit enthusiast.
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