GO Transit Increases Fares

English: Logo for GO Transit

GO Transit Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Starting today, February 1st, GO Transit is increasing its fares to help offset the costs of increased service on its routes.

For short distance trips, currently set at between $5.30 and $5.69, there will be no increase in fares.

For other fares, the increase breaks down as follows:

  • 40¢ increase on fares between $5.70 and $6.50
  • 50¢ increase on fares between $6.51 and $8.25
  • 60¢ increase on fares greater than $8.25

Fares for children, students, and seniors will increase accordingly based on their discounts.


PRESTO card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

PRESTO card users will also see a benefit starting February 1st.  GO Transit has increased the PRESTO discount from 10% to 11.15% for the first 35 rides per month, thus meaning that people who travel short distances will see a reduction in their fares, while others will see a slight lower increase in their fares.

PRESTO fares for rides 35-40, and for rides 41 and above will not see an increase in their discounts.

Student PRESTO car users will now receive an 18.4% discount, while seniors and children will see a 52.65% discount, on trips 1 through 35, while the other discount rates will remain the same.

As part of the increase in GO Transit’s services, there are 19 new trips, while six trips have been extended over the entire system.  GO Transit will also be receiving 127 new bi-level coaches for more coaches on trains, and more train consists, thus increasing the number of seats, and travel times, over the entire GO Transit system.


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