Union Pearson Express Fares to Decrease on March 9th, 2016

Union Pearson Express 001 (800x597)Metrolinx, the provincial agency that runs the Union Pearson Express, has announced that the fares for the service will decrease effective March 9th, 2016.

The train service, which operates between Union Station and Terminal 1 at Pearson International Airport with stops at Bloor Street and in Weston, currently costs $27.50 one way ($19 if you use a Presto card.)

Starting March 9th, the one way fare for the UPX, as it is also known, will be reduced to $12 ($9 if you use a Presto card) for a trip from Union Station to Pearson airport.  Students pay the same fare as an adult, while seniors will see a $6 fare ($5.64 with a Presto card.)  Children under 12 are free.

For those who wish to take a trip to or from one of the intermediate stops, the fares will now be reduced as follows:

Union Pearson Express 020 (800x597)For a two stop trip (i.e. Pearson to Bloor St., or Weston to Union Station), the new fare is $5.65 ($5.02 with a Presto card.)

A one stop ride (i.e. Pearson to Weston, Weston to Bloor St., or Union to Bloor St.) is now reduced to $5.30 ($4.71 with a Presto card.)

Costs for a one or two stop ride are also reduced for students and seniors, accordingly.

A family ticket, defined as up to two adults and up to three students aged 13-19) will now cost $25, one way for the full run (although the cost is less for a one or two stop trip.)

Union Pearson Express 024 (800x597)Critics of the service have consistently pointed to the cost of the service as the reason the service has poorly been used.  It is estimated that 40,000 took the service over the Family Day weekend when free rides were offered, but normally the service is only attracting a few thousand rides per day.  The lower fares are hoped to encourage people to use the service, and may attract people living near the Weston or Bloor St. stations to use the service to commute to Union Station.

There is, of course, an argument that the service should be integrated with GO Transit and the TTC.  It is easiest to integrate between the UPX and GO Transit as Metrolinx operates bother services.  Although, it would also benefit people using the TTC to connect to the UPX if the fares were integrated.

One issue I have also noticed is that the UPX provides service only to Terminal 1 at Pearson airport.  A passenger then needs to take the Terminal Link shuttle train over to Terminal 3 if his or her flight departs from there.  And while there are two train sets to operate the Terminal Link, there are times when only one train is in operation, which simply slows down the connection between the two terminals.


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