GO Transit turns 49!

May 23rd, 2016 marks the 49th anniversary of the creation of GO Transit.  On this day in 1967, GO Transit began operations with a small fleet of locomotives and coaches.

The service began operating along the Lakeshore West and Lakeshore East lines with all day service between Oakville and Pickering via Toronto’s Union Station.  Rush hour service went west to Hamilton.

Over the years GO Transit has expanded.  There are now seven lines with train services (Lakeshore East, Lakeshore West, Kitchener Line, Barrie Line, Milton Line, Richmond Hill Line, and the Stouffville Line.)  The Lakeshore East line was extended to Oshawa with GO Transit operating along its own lines between Pickering and Oshawa stations.

Over the years, GO Transit has purchased several of the lines it operates along, either completely or at least partially.  These include the Lakeshore East line west of Pickering (where GO original line connected to the CNR mainline), the Lakeshore West line from Union Station to Burlington station, and the Stouffville line.

Also included are a number of bus lines, that either operate as their own lines, or to provide additional service along a train line.

GO Transit became the first user of bi-level coaches, now used by a number of other commuter lines across North America.

Here are some pictures:

  1.  GO Transit cabcar #307 on an eastbound GO train.

#3072.   Cabcar #318 on a GO train arriving at Union Station.

DSCF4463 (1024x764)

3.  Cabcar #215 at Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls 2015 006

4.  A westbound GO train passes under Bathurst St. after departing Union Station.

GO Transit 022

5.  A sign for Long Branch station, one of the original stations.

Long Branch GO station sign

6.  GO Transit F59PH unit #564.  These units were the backbone of GO Transit’s fleet during the 1990’s up until the second decade of the 21st Century.

DSCF45857.  GO Transit bus #2244 at Aldershot GO station.

#2244 003


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