No Streetcar Service west of Sunnyside Loop

CLRV #4030 at Humber LoopStarting on January 8th, 2017 the TTC is replacing streetcar service on the 501/301 Queen with bus service west of Roncesvalles Ave.   Service will be replaced with buses until the end of 2017.

The service is being replaced with buses mainly due to the City of Toronto replacing the bridge along the Queensway over the Humber River.

While the work is being performed, the TTC will also undertake some work themselves.  This includes work on the shelter at Humber Loop, a new substation at Humber Loop, new track set in concrete along the Queensway ROW, track replacement between Dwight Ave. and Humber Loop, and track work at Humber Loop itself.

While the streetcar service is replaced, 501/301 Queen cars will short turn westbound at Roncesvalles Ave.  Cars will then turn around at Sunnyside Loop and re-enter service.  Shuttle buses will operate east from Long Branch Loop along Lake Shore Blvd. W. to Windermere Ave. and then east along The Queensway and Queen St. W. to Dufferin St. before heading south to turn around in Dufferin Loop.  They will operate in reverse to get back to Long Branch Loop.

Streetcar service service is slated to return at the end of 2017 or the first few days of 2018.


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