TTC Fare Increase Takes Effect

Toronto Transit Commission subway car

T.T.C subway car (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Starting today, March 1st, 2015, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) increases many of its fares.

As of today, the cost of tokens increases to $2.80, as does the PRESTO fare.  The cost of the monthly Metropass increases to $141.50.  The Metropass Discount Plan increases to $129.75, while the weekly pass increases to $40.75.  The day pass increases to $11.50.  Cash fares for adults remain $3.00

Senior and student fares are now $2.00 cash,  while senior/student tickets are now available for $9.75 (five tickets), and $19.50 (10 tickets.)  The senior/student monthly Metropass is now $112.00, while the senior/student Metropass Discount Plan increases to $102.75.  The senior/student weekly pass is now $33.00.

The good news is that children 12 and under no longer have to pay a fare and can ride free.

According to PRESTO’s website, seniors can now use PRESTO for $1.85 a ride.  This appears to be a new option that was not previously possible.

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No Subway Service from Union to St. Andrew

T1 TTC subway car parked in St. George subway ...

TTC subway car parked in St. George subway station in Toronto. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This weekend, February 28th and March 1st, there will be no subway service between Union station and St. Andrew station on the Yonge-University-Spadina (YUS) line.  The whole line will be re-opened Monday morning, March 2nd.

The closure is to allow for the TTC to continue with work on new separate platforms at Union station.  As such, part of the TTC’s Union station must be closed. Continue reading

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Public Meetings about Downtown Relief Line

Picture of the TTC subway sign in Toronto in 1999.

TTC subway sign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) will be hosting four public meetings to discuss the possible building of the Downtown Relief Line.

The meetings will be at four different locations (one location per meeting.)  All meetings will run from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.  The meetings will be taking place on: Continue reading

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GO Transit Fares Set to Increase


PRESTO card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Effective this Sunday, February 1st, 2015, GO Transit is increasing its fares.

The new rates breakdown to a fare increase of 10¢ to 50¢, depending on the distance travelled.  For PRESTO card users, the fare increase works out to roughly a 5% increase.

Fares increase as follows: Continue reading

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GO Transit-TTC Announce Pilot Project

Exhibition GO Station - a train about to leave...

Exhibition GO Station – a train about to leave for Union Station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, January 16th 2015, GO Transit and the TTC announced a pilot project.  Passengers who travel between Exhibition GO station, Union Station, and Danforth GO station will now be able to purchase a special GO sticker for $60 per month.

The new sticker will attach the passengers monthly Metropass.  The sticker allows for unlimited travels between Exhibition, Union, and Danforth stations.  Continue reading

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New GO Trains Coming to the Milton Line

English: The station building of Dixie GO Stat...

English: The station building of Dixie GO Station in Mississauga, Canada, serving GO Transit trains on the Milton line. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Effective January 5th 2015, GO Transit is adding service along its Milton Line.  A brand new train will operate from Milton to Union Station in the morning, along with an additional westbound train from Union Station to Milton in the evening.

The Barrie Line will also see some adjustments.  The morning departures from Allandale-Waterfront station will now depart five minutes earlier, but arrive at the same time at Union Station.  Some northbound trains will arrive a minute or two later as well.

Several bus routes will also see more service, specifially the following routes: Continue reading

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New Year’s Services

As we close in on 2015, many transit organizations are offering special services for you if you choose to go out to celebrate and bring in the new year.

GO Transit is offering free rides after 8 p.m.  This means that if you start your trip before 7 p.m., you only need to purchase a one way trip.  Also, so routes are offering late night service.  Please check out for more information.

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is offering free rides from 7 p.m. on December 31st until 7 a.m. on January 1st.

If you are heading out to ring in the new year, please consider taking transit to get to your destination and to get home again.  And please check out with your local transit agency before heading out to find out if they offer free rides, and /or later service.

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